“Rovani in C#” was supposed to be a clever little play on words - obvious but catchy. Maybe it was just lame, but it’s simple and it works for me. Of course, that meant I needed to have a catchy little tagline to go with it. So I dutifully pulled the entire list of musical terms, and from that pulled three (it’s always three) that seemed like I could make up as something related to what I do.


os·ti·na·to /ˌästiˈnätō/ noun - a continually repeated musical phrase or rhythm.

I repeat myself a lot. Sometimes I do the same thing repeatedly, sometimes I make the same mistake repeatedly, sometimes I have to repeat myself until someone hears (or cares or listens).


pen·sa·to noun - a composed imaginary note, a written note which is neither played nor heard

Sometimes, just making stuff up in my head is enough to make it real. Or maybe I see an instruction, and determine it is intended to neither be followed nor read.


scor·da·tu·ra /ˌskôrdəˈto͝orə/ noun - the technique of altering the normal tuning of a stringed instrument to produce particular effects

I find ways to make things do what they are not intended to do, mostly by accident.