Recreating HSMercs Helper in Vue from Scratch

As a project to learn Vue, I created a helper for tracking a player's collection in Hearthstone Mercenaries. This tutorial serves as a way to walk through recreating this project from the beginning, while explaining various decisions made and the process for expanding the features.

This is a living tutorial where the articles can (and probably will) change as I improve the project.

Posts in Stage Order

Step 1: HSMercs From The Beginning

As the name of this tutorial states, we are going to start this project from nothing but an empty folder and a few globally installed packages. Each file will be artisanally crafted and explained in...

Step 2: Storing State & Unit Testing

In the previous post, we built a Minimum Renderable Vue application - which is to say that it outputs text in the browser using Vue, Vite, and TypeScript. Most tutorials would now build on that by...