The Ugliest Week in Chicago

Somewhere between the freshly fallen, pristine snow of winter and the new growth and warmth of spring lies the ugliest week in Chicago. This week that exposes the filth of the city.

No Support For White Men

I am a tall, healthy, heterosexual, white, male, middle-class American. I will earn more money over the course of my career than my female colleagues and my racially minority peers. I will have easier access to credit lines, continuing education, travel prerequisites, political office, housing opportunities, career advancement, and basically anything else that I may want. I am less likely to be arrested on suspicion of a crime, and if I have to wade through the judicial system, I am less likely to be convicted of a crime. Statistically, it is pretty fantastic being me. The game is rigged in my favor, and I have no complaints about it.

Just Because It's On the Microsoft Stack Doesn't Mean It's Closed Source

Rovani in C♯

I work almost exclusively on the Microsoft WISC stack. The first response that I hear from almost every single developer that I’ve chatted with is something along the lines of “oh, that’s all closed source software”. It makes me want to throttle them. Mostly because it is an entirely antiquated line of thinking that just shows a lack of actual knowledge of the ecosystem.

Being Online

I started this post with an idea. I got as far as the title, then somewhere between that text box and the text area below it, I completely lost what I was going to write. I just stared at my fingers sitting diligently on the keyboard, waiting for me to give them commands.