2017 Year in Review

Exactly One Hobby

Last night, while sitting on a hotel bed in the middle of nowhere Ohio, I banged out 500 words about nothing. It wasn’t a glorious piece of writing, but it was something. Throughout that piece, I kept thinking about how I consistenly wish I would write more often. Before I blew up my previous laptop, I had about a half-dozen uncommitted drafts of pieces that I started writing but never actually went anywhere with. Looking back on the year, I feel as if 2017 has been my worst year for uncompleted projects; or even worse, for unexecuted projects.

What Does 500 Words Look Like

Exactly One Hobby

This is an exercise that I’ve created for myself to type out 500 words. There are a lot of times that I read that a journalist has to write an article of a specific length, but I’ve realized that I really do not have a concept of how that translates to the actual amount of time that it might take to put those words down. Thus, for this simple exercise, I have set a couple of easy ground rules.

Tattoo Number Two

Exact One Hobby

It’s been far too long since my second child was born, but we finally booked the tattoo appointment. As I did with my first, I got a tattoo with the latitude, longitude, date, and time of his birth. Finding the right font is hard - I wanted something that doesn’t completely contrast with the existing tattoo, but was still distinct. Eventually, this is what I ended up putting together.

Whole30 – Day 5: Menu Planning Sucks

Exactly One Hobby

Marathon Training: Day -79; right foot still sore, likely from being barefoot all day; right hips still clicks while walking; back still sore overnight. 30x ankle raises, 30x dips, 2 minute plank rotation; need to get better about doing full exercise rotation. Whole30 has proceeded along, but the drain of not meal planning gets harder and harder each time we block out thirty days for this limited diet. We’ve had potatoes for every meal (either russet or sweet) to keep the carbs up. I am trying to find ways to pre-cook carbohydrates. This could include acron squash (Katie’s favorite winter squash), carrots, or even different flavoring on potatoes. In terms of stable meals, I’ve brought it down to a handful of decisions that can pull together a meal.

Whole30 – Day 1: Take Two

Exactly One Hobby

The last time we tried to start a Whole 30, it all just fell apart rather quickly – twice. However, this time, we have a much better plan for getting it kicked off. My wife started by creating a list of Reasons For Doing a Whole 30. She hopes that this will keep her focused on why she wants to stop reaching for the slice of cake, the can of Diet Code, or the bag of potato chips; she wants to be in the healthiest position possible when we start trying for another child; and she wants to have better productivity at work that the tiger blood brings on for her. For me, this is Marathon Training: Day -83.

Whole30 – Day 0: Buying the Costco Chicken Farm

Exactly One Hobby

Tomorrow, we start another Whole30 eating plan. The last two times I did this, it was both wonderful and horrible. In order to be able to look back on this experience one day and (hopefully) remember it fondly, I am going to attempt to put together a day-by-day activities list of how I survived thrived during what will be my third trip. As with both of the other adventures, this started with a massive shopping trip to Costco and a bunch of food prep.

Azure Machine Learning - Data Camp

Never Stop Learning

These are some notes that I typed up during an Azure Machine Learning - Data Camp that I attended at the Microsoft learning center in the Aon building. It was entertaining, informative, and all around a great session; unfortunately, it was entirely useless for my job, since this really has nothing to do with the work that I perform. On the plus side - I was able to recommend to my co-workers on the Analytics team that they should attend it.