KnockoutJS Tutorials Suck (But Not As Much As the Documentation)

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I am not sure why I started using Knockout, but I have had an overall positive experience with the framework. I was very intrigued with their hands-on tutorials built into the site, which made getting started fairly easy. I walked through them step-by-step, writing out all of the code examples by hand, and diligently debugging typos when the example would not execute as expected. From there, I took the simple step of starting a small side-project just to see how it would all interact. At that point, it became quickly obvious that the tutorials suck and are missing large pieces of information that are vital to get just a basic application going. I also found that there are two tutorials that are completely worthless in terms of getting start - they are advanced topics that I still have not found an applicable usage.

Hills In Chicago

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For any serious runner, looking through training plans inevitably leads to the discovery that they all want you to do hill repeats. Hal Higdon (basically the godfather of running in Chicago), recommends that hills be a quarter-mile or longer. If you have never been to Chicago, allow me to clue you in - the city is flat. The largest and longest “hills” we have are the on and off ramps for the expressways. Finding long stretches of elevation are difficult, and I cannot think of any that are a full quarter-mile long. However, here are a couple of spots that I have found that make for at least a somewhat noticeable incline.

I Need a New Backpack

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It has been almost over ten years since I last bought a backpack1, and now I need a new one. My three primary use cases are while commuting on a Divvy bike, riding on my motorcycle, and generally walking around. It needs to be comfortable and secure in all three scenarios. Other requirements (in no particular order):

  1. Initially, the following was the opening paragraph of this post - but I decided in editing that it really had no purpose for a reader coming into this post. But since I wrote it, I decided to leave it here in case someone actually cares why I need a new backpack._ 

A Month With Divvy

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After a month of having a Divvy membership, I have been on only nine trips. A slacker, I know; but with two weeks of vacation in there, I’m averaging one trip every other day. As the weather improves, I will certainly be upping that to my goal of seven out of ten trips in a week.