Divvy Is Delightful

Exactly One Hobby

About nine months ago, Divvy bike sharing program went live in Chicago. I was thrilled with the concept of it from the initial launch, and was excited to see it quickly expand throughout the city*. Over the winter, I learned of the corporate memberships that they offer. The simplest of which was a one-time $100 start-up fee, and all employees then received $10 off of annual memberships.

Exactly One Hobby

Exactly One Hobby

When you have children, you can have exactly one hobby. Anything else is an exercise in futility, self-deception, and ineffectiveness. Cooking healthy food is a hobby. Exercising is a hobby. Maintaining a website is a hobby. Writing a blog is a hobby. Bringing work home is a hobby.

Establishing KnockoutJs Design Patterns

Rovani in C♯

Now that I have been tinkering with Knockout for about a year, I have finally settled on a host of design patterns that I feel strike a nice balance between rigid consistency and flexible prototyping. I like to have all of my code look very similar. I can look at most code that I have written and know about when I worked on it last. I can usually even look at code that several other developers have touched and see what is mine and what is everyone else’s code. Now that I have a team to direct and an expanding code base to maintain, I have realized that I need to document my own code patterns.

The Ugliest Week in Chicago

Somewhere between the freshly fallen, pristine snow of winter and the new growth and warmth of spring lies the ugliest week in Chicago. This week that exposes the filth of the city.