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I started this post with an idea. I got as far as the title, then somewhere between that text box and the text area below it, I completely lost what I was going to write. I just stared at my fingers sitting diligently on the keyboard, waiting for me to give them commands.

These thoughts are mine, but what about when I cannot summon the thoughts. I thought I had several easy-to-hammer-out blog posts ready to go. I thought I would at least last for a few days before I completely blocked myself from being able to type. Apparently, twenty-four hours is enough.

Today is supposed to be a Meats day for writing. I am not entirely sure what that is supposed to mean, but I think I have plenty of ideas for what to put together. So today's meat post is going to be about what future meat posts I am going to write. These include:

  • Cross posts with my Laivani project, wherein I learn about donor management systems and modern WISC coding patterns as I go along.
  • A more comprehensive documentation of Knockout's utility functions.
  • Other posts about important things.

This experiment is going to be a disaster; I can tell already.