Pre-Trip Checklist - Because If I Don't Write It Down...


Remembering what to pack, what clothes to wear, and what device accessories to bring has never been a problem for me. What inevitably causes me problems is attempting to do some work in that dreaded space of time when I am Without Internet. It’s a terrible place to be, filled with unanswerable questions, unupdatable packages, unreviewable documentation, unwatchable shows and movies; and possibly worst of all, untouchable code repositories. Below are the list of items that I always need to remember to do the day before any planned travel - be it by car or by airplane - because time without internet access doesn’t have to be wasted time browsing a magazine or reading a book or practicing Italian on Duolingo.

Using AzureAD B2C and Visual Studio User Secrets

Vigil Journey

Something that I’ve continuously struggled with in getting projects off the ground is finding a way to handle Authentication. Just the thought of building out a User Portal to handle Contact Information and Password Resets has killed many projects before they’ve even started. Worrying about how to best store passwords and how to securely log users into the application have halted progress on most of the Grand Ideas that I have had. However, since the Vigil project is something that I am truly excited about, it was time to find a solution that I could quickly piece together for most any project and offload as much of the responsibilities to another party as possible. I found my answer in AAD B2C.

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) B2C is an identity management service that enables you to customize and control how customers sign up, sign in, and manage their profiles when using your applications. This includes applications developed for iOS, Android, and .NET, among others. Azure AD B2C enables these actions while protecting your customer identities at the same time.

I Made a Logo

Rovani in C♯

Scalr Vector Graphics (SVG) has been one of those many mysteries that I’ve only vaguely been familiar with. Picking up bits of knowledge here and there, I surmised that an SVG image was a set of instructions for how to draw the picture, as opposed to being a mapping of the color of specific pixels. SVG images, thus, could scale to any level and still be the same image. What I had no clue about, though, was what the XML inside of the SVG element was doing. As with all things, I started with a simple Google search that led me to the SVG Tutorial on MDN Web Docs. It is a well written breakdown of how to draw your first SVG image. I highly recommend this, even for those that intend to just use a painting program to spit out the raw SVG. It was a highly illuminating journey.

March 10 - 20 Meal Planning


I just can’t seem to manage consistently planning meals for two weeks in a row. This last week, however, was probably my best non-planned out week of meals. Several of the meals were either leftovers of meals or used the uncooked protein from meals from the prior week. For example, I did a pot roast stew on Tuesday night in the slow cooker using the portion of the beef that I didn’t use from the Beef Stroganoff. Since we will be on vacation half of next week, I am going to be super ambitious and try to plan out 10 whole days of meals. However, considering that I am writing this on Monday morning, I might have already made this a losing proposition.

February 25 - March 4 Meal Planning


Through most of February, we didn’t create a meal plan at all. It was terrible and caused a fair amount of stress. It reminded me how much I really dislike the just-got-home-from-work “what do you feel like for dinner” conversation. We end up going out to eat or getting take-out more often, and it just doesn’t feel as satisfying. I am making a renewed effort to make time for meal planning each week. This attempt at making it a regular thing will revolve around doing as much of the planning as I can before I go for a run on Saturday mornings. Surprisingly, we don’t have anything on the calendar for next week, which means I have a full slate of meals to plan for! The only piece to account for is that I am planning on running home from work on Tuesday - which means I need to do something in the slow cooker for that dinner.

January 29 - February 4 Meal Planning


I’m watching the Grammy’s while trying to meal plan. It’s terrible, because the acts go between artists that I don’t care about and acts that I sort-of-kind-of want to enjoy. And then there are the performances that demand I stop what I’m doing and pay attention. These are the singers who pour their heart and soul into every word and it shows. Lady Gaga, P!nk, Bruno Mars, K$sha, Patti Lupone &ndash you can’t help but be enraptured by their time on the screen. But enough about music, it’s time for putting together this week’s meal plan.