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HSMercs From Scratch 1:HSMercs From The Beginning

As the name of this tutorial states, we are going to start this project from nothing but an empty folder and a few globally installed packages. Each file will be artisanally crafted and explained in detail. Additionally, I am striving to make all examples additive in nature. Instead of just putting "placeholder" text and hard-coding sample data, we will mostly just be creating files and adding code.

Hearthstone Mercenaries Helper v0.1

In an effort to get some in-depth experience with Vuejs and as a project to replace my Hearthstone Mercenaries Helper spreadsheet, I took the time to create an initial version of a suite of tools to aid in tracking mercenary progression in Hearthstone. Because my styling (this is applicable to most of my life, btw) is terribly basic, I pulled in Tailwind CSS for a bit of color and uniformity. I also later found that I needed to bring in a state tracker, so I learned a bit about Vuex.