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Que Sera, Sera: The Value of Content

Content is King -Bill Gates

How to people with a full-time job, active social lives, a wife and kid, desire to slaughter digital demons, interest in pop culture, and unhealthy need to stay on top of the news? have any time left over to hack together these wonderfully articulate, annotated, categorized, and sublimely written daily blog posts? I just do not understand it!

At this point, I have seven posts in my draft folder. All of which can easily be expanded out to two or three posts. All of which could add a great deal of content to the cloud of collective knowledge.

As I write this, I am doing a manual restore of a database to the reporting server because our DBA is out and the normal task to restore the database is not functioning. I am also providing data to high level managers that I am only mostly sure is correct (because the person who is really knows the data is the aforementioned DBA). I am also trying to navigate an odd bug that selectively happens when I try to switch binding contexts in a Knockout view while using jQueryUi widgets. I am also putting together plans for a vacation in April. I am also writing two other blog posts in other windows as ideas keep coming in.

Seriously - how to people focus on just one topic, and write on that topic from beginning to end? I just don't get it.

But here is something, and I have finished today's blog post.