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January 21-27 Meal Planning

After two weeks of solid meal planning, the third week got skipped entirely. Katie worked on Saturday and I was home on MLK, which meant that by the time my weekend was over, I was already thrown well off of a schedule. I never made time to do the meal planning and thus it didn't get done. Let that be the lesson for that weekend – whatever isn't made a priority doesn't get done. In order to keep these meal planning sessions going, I need to make it a priority. Even if that means it is prioritized over sleep. But here I am at 20:25, already starting to put together this upcoming week's meal plan.

What's In The Refrigerator

Starting with "what's in the refrigerator", this week; I'm hoping that by listing out the perishables and proteins that I have on hand this week, it will inform me as to what I should cook.

  • ½ a bag of broccoli - good for one meal, or two if combined with carrots

  • 1½ bags of carrots medley - there are my new favorite way to get variety into vegetables.

  • 3 bell peppers (whole)

  • 1½ bell peppers (diced) - I diced up three of them, but used half of that for salad tonight

  • Brussels sprouts - I have two bags uncut, and four meals worth chopped and in deli containers

  • Salad greens - these expire quickly, so I need to used them all by Thursday's dinner

  • Tortillas

  • Hamburger buns

  • English muffins

  • Shrimp (in meat drawer)

  • Boneless, skinless chicken breasts (frozen)

  • Ground beef, 85% lean (frozen, 1 lb. bags)

  • Chicken thighs (frozen, 4 thighs per bag)

  • Steak (frozen), probably filet mignons, individually wrapped

|Day of Week| Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner | |-----------|-----------------|-------------------------------|-----------------------------| |Monday | Std. Breakfast | leftover chicken and peas | on your own! | |Tuesday *| Katie's Oatmeal | work is providing | Stir-fry Shrimp | |Wednesday | Std. Breakfast | leftover stir-fry shrimp | Chicken fajitas | |Thursday *| Katie's Oatmeal | English Muffin & Turkey | | |Friday | Std. Breakfast | Chicken Salad (Dijon, etc.) | M.Y.O. Pizza | |Saturday *| Std. Breakfast | | Hamburgers and salad | |Sunday | Std. Breakfast | | Shrimp Florentine with Zoodles |

Breakfast Plans

  • Standard Breakfast - 3 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, 75 grams potatoes, 64 grams Brussels sprouts
  • Katie's Oatmeal - 1 serving oatmeal, 1 serving almond milk, ½ serving organic peanut butter

Snack Plans

  • HBO Eggs + Carrots - 2 hard-boiled eggs, peeled and quartered; 16 oz. deli container filled with baby carrots
  • Yogurt - individual serving-sized portions of lite Greek yogurt

Lunch Plans

  • Chicken Salad - chicken breast with celery, Dijon, lemon juice, salt, sour cream, and mayo

Dinner Plans (also, leftovers as lunch)

  • Stir-fry chicken breast, bell peppers, onions, celery, shredded carrots with coconut aminos and tahini over cauliflower rice
  • Stir-fry shrimp, bell peppers, onions, celery with paprika and cayenne sauce over coconut rice
  • Hamburgers
  • Make Your Own Pizza (on English muffins)