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Pre-Trip Checklist - Because If I Don't Write It Down...

Remembering what to pack, what clothes to wear, and what device accessories to bring has never been a problem for me. What inevitably causes me problems is attempting to do some work in that dreaded space of time when I am Without Internet. It's a terrible place to be, filled with unanswerable questions, un-updatable packages, unreviewable documentation, unwatchable shows and movies; and possibly worst of all, untouchable code repositories. Below are the list of items that I always need to remember to do the day before any planned travel - be it by car or by airplane - because time without internet access doesn't have to be wasted time browsing a magazine or reading a book or practicing Italian on Duolingo.

Laptop Updates

  1. Open Visual Studio Code and ensure everything is up-to-date
  2. Check for VS Code updates
  3. Sync local repository with origin
  4. Update the Linux subsystem, update all gems, and verify that Jekyll will serve this blog 1. sudo apt-get update -y && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && sudo apt-get autoremove -y 1. sudo gem update 1. bundle exec jekyll serve
  5. Verify that Visual Studio is up-to-date, including all extensions
  6. Sync local repository with origin
  7. Download some shows and a movie to Netflix
  8. Download some playlists to Spotify
  9. Reboot a couple of times, just to make sure everything is still working