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Technical Assessment - Final Notes

The primary piece of learning for me with this assessment was everything related to the front-end of the application. Creating a Web API in .NET and using Entity Framework is where my core developer strengths lie. While The Fellowship doesn't currently use .NET Core anywhere, my side projects and code experiments have all been in the new libraries as I prepare the team to make the shift. This was a fun little activity as a way to quickly get the basics of how Angular works - creating components, routing requests, abstracting communication with the server, and binding with the user input.

The final post in a four-part series of posts on 'An Assessment of a Technical Assessment'.

Framing this mini-project as a look into whether this is the "best I can do", it certainly falls short. In the interest of time, there were several features that I had to cut.

  • There is no meaningful user input validation
  • I never found the right place to use ngrx/store in the application.
  • I did not implement any server-side data validation
  • I did not create/implement a SQL Server database, instead just using the InMemoryDatabase
  • I did not roll out a SQL migration script or do any custom model building
  • There is no retry policy on persisting requests to the database
  • Error logging is non-existent - I could have easily dropped in Application Insights, but it seemed overkill for this project
  • There are no unit tests, integration tests, or other automated testing to ensure the code is working as expected
  • There is minimal dependency injection, only for passing the data context around.
  • Least importantly, the UI looks terrible. But I never claim to be a designer, so I'm ok with that.

This project serves well as a Proof of Concept. It shows that I can quickly learn the basics of a new (to me) JavaScript framework, put together a simple solution to prove I can do it, and check it all into GitHub for others to examine.